Monday, April 11, 2011

The Blooms of Lyman Estate

Paphiopedium Lady Slipper Orchid

Phaleonopsis orchid

Lyman Estate Greenhouses in Waltham hosted the annual spring orchid sale this weekend. Varieties included hard to find cattleyas, laelias, paphiopedilums, as well as favorites like phaleonopsis, all grown by the orchid society. I liked the paphiopedilums most, with their fuzzy lady slipper pouches.

Bougainvillea butteana
The orchids were not the only flowers bursting forth. In the next room, a lime tree shed its withering blossoms as it began to fruit. Jasmine and crown of thorns were wide open, as well as French lavender and bleeding heart vine. Perhaps the most signature plant of the estate is the old bougainvillea vine that spans the glass ceiling, which was flushed with deep pink bracts. Even on the way back to the car, I spotted magnolias and violets unfurling in the field. I'll look forward to retuning to Lyman for their annual herb sale in May.

Crown of Thorns

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