Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seeds are Already Fantastic!

Am I being persnickety, or do these cartoons on seed packets seem out of place?
Anyone who's ever helped a child plant seeds knows that this kind of marketing is not necessary. The only fantasy on the child's mind as they choose the seeds, prepare the soil, sow, and water is that these tiny brown specks will change into something wonderful. Green shoots break through the soil surface and those fantasies are animated in real life, as a result of their hard work. I've witnessed many children excitedly dream aloud about what might happen next. It's a moment when less tangible fantasies of becoming a princess or having a lavish car are forgotten. The child isn't worrying about categories like brown, blue, boy or girl because real innocence has kicked in (not to be mistaken for the imitation innocence that's fostered in some of these images). Nature can spark imagination without any need for conventional fantasies imposed by others. Perhaps that's why so many of us return to the garden as adults to wait in lively anticipation for the seeds that we sowed to grow tall. What do you think?
Across the aisle from the seed packets, I found fantastic Phaleonopsis in living color. No cartoons necessary here!


  1. I've not seen the disney seeds but I have heard about them. Just one more way for the machine to make a buck. I also do not find it necessary. Children are full of natural wonder.

  2. Oh, my goodness - that might be the most beautiful Phaleonopsis I've ever seen. It reminds me of the impossible to grow here (on the Front Range, anyway) Meconopsis.

  3. is that color real? you rarely see such a color in flowers - are they a type of Orchid?

  4. Yes, this orchid was bred for that color. It is so rare to see a true blue flower like this one. It's amazing what they can do with tissue culture now. That's the reason that orchids are so much more affordable and available (instead of breeding through natural means, they just take a sample of the cells and propagate them in petri dishes).


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